THE REAL COLLUSION: Obama Met Canadian Prime Minister Before American Team Suffered Injuries on His Watch

Curse? Or international conspiracy?

June 7, 2019

Former President Barack Obama shared a pint with Canadian Prime Minister Justine Trudeau just days before attending Game 2 of the NBA finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors. The meeting raises a number of troubling questions about Obama's involvement in what has all the appearances of an international conspiracy to bolster Canadian interests at America's expense.

Obama's attendance at Game 2 in Toronto is just the latest example of what has become a disturbing trend—what some have described as the "Obama Curse." While the former POTUS looked on, the American team (the Warriors) lost two of their starting players, including All-Star shooting guard Klay Thompson, to injury. If our Fake News media establishment had any integrity left, they'd start investigating to what extent Obama colluded with Trudeau to affect the outcome of the NBA finals.

Although the Warriors emerged victorious in Game 2, the injuries to Thompson and starting center Kevon Looney forced them to miss Game 3 at Oracle Arena in Oakland, where the Warriors suffered their first NBA finals loss at home since 2016. Thanks to their strong performance against the injury-plagued Warriors, the Raptors (from Canada) have regained the home-court advantage they enjoy as a result of their superior record during the regular season.

Notably, the Warriors' loss occurred as President Donald J. Trump, a strong proponent of American winning, was out of the country on a widely-celebrated state visit to the United Kingdom. Obama's presidency, by comparison, was marred by convulsions of American weakness.

It is not the first time American athletes have suffered on Obama's watch. Golf legend Tiger Woods, for example, did not win a single major PGA tournament during Obama's two terms in office. European golfers, meanwhile, enjoyed considerable success. Fortunately, and suspiciously, Woods finally ended his so-called "Obama Drought" by winning the 2019 Masters at Augusta National. A few weeks later, Trump honored Woods with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.