The New Republic Is Hiring a ‘Deputy Inequality Editor’ (Part-Time, Non-Union, No Benefits)

The New Republic, a once storied publication whose reputation will never recover from the failed tyrannical ownership of Mark Zuckerberg's college roommate, Chris Hughes— husband of notable Facebook spouse and failed political candidate Sean Eldridge — is hiring.

Open positions include: "Identity Writer," "Justice Writer," and "Inequality Deputy Editor." The latter two are particularly amusing, because as several user of the popular social networking website Twitter have pointed out, these are part-time positions that offer no benefits. The time requirements (29.5 hours a week) are just below the threshold at which employers must provide health insurance. Thanks, Obama.

In other words, these are precisely the sort of "gig economy" employment arrangements that publications like The New Republic constantly invoke as evidence that capitalism is destroying America.

The formerly relevant liberal magazine published this story in May.

There are presumably more stories like these in the works, to be included in the magazine's "forthcoming inequality vertical." That could be awkward when they ask the new inequality deputy to edit them from his remote "office" in mom and dad's converted basement, or in a Home Depot parking lot awaiting his next Uber fare. Or maybe not, because the job listing conveys a preference for candidates already living in New York or Washington, D.C., two of the most expensive cities in the country.

Good luck to all candidates!