Move Over, Bud Light, Here are Five More Totally #Woke Brands

Typical #woke Bud Light fan

Bud Light wants you to know that gay marriage is great, just like their water-based product. Here's their new ad about Steve and Greg's wedding:

So moving! Not too mention #wokeashell. Lots of people seem to agree.

Some of us really like this new trend where instead of providing us with detergent and washing machines and soda and condiments and snacks, Tide and Maytag and Coca-Cola and Heinz and Frito-Lay teach us about progress. Here are five more examples of products being put in service of worthy causes.

1) Skoal

I'm sure Skoal man here is thrilled
I'm sure Skoal man here can't wait

Skoal Tweet

The Intimidator would be so proud
The Intimidator would be so proud


3) Marlboro Reds

Still blazin' trails
Still blazin' trails

Marlboro Tweet

4) Waffle House

(Flickr Creative Commons)
(Flickr Creative Commons)

Waffle House Tweet

5) Tyson Foods

Two longtime Tyson fans
Two longtime Tyson fans

Tysons Tweet

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