Kay Hagan Is the Most Awkward Candidate of 2014

Awkward. (AP)
• October 24, 2014 12:55 pm


Senator Kay Hagan (D., N.C.) is the most awkward candidate running in 2014, a Free Beacon analysis has found.

Some have argued that Hagan’s success compared to other Democratic incumbents can be attributed to her strength as a candidate or the fact that she has run a "perfect campaign."

Nonsense. For some reason, Hagan just hasn’t been challenged as much as her Democratic colleagues running in tough races across the country. When members of the press finally started raising questions about sketchy stimulus grants to businesses owned by members of Hagan’s family, she cowered in fear.

When the national media (MSNBC) came to town on Thursday, Hagan embarrassed herself by speaking incomprehensibly about why the Gulf oil spill, which happened in 2010, is an example of the leadership challenges President Obama confronts today.

This is par for the course for Hagan, who prefers not to answer difficult questions. But she is just as awkward when it comes to relatively straightforward questions. Check out the bizarre answer Hagan gave during the 2008 Democratic primary when asked if she preferred Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton:

Since then, Hagan has been a tireless advocate of President Obama's agenda, voting with him 99 percent of the time in 2014. These days, Hagan is all in for Hillary. She announced her support for a Clinton candidacy last year, during a fundraiser in New York. To return the favor, Hillary will stump for Hagan in Charlotte on Saturday.

But Hagan’s relationship with the Clintons is, in a word, awkward. She recently hosted Bill Clinton at a fundraiser in Chapel Hill, despite having once tried to get a local newspaper to pull a photo of her standing near a portrait of then-President Clinton because she feared it would "imply that I stand by or condone the president’s conduct" surrounding the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Kay Hagan is awkward.