Human Cash Incinerator Jon Ossoff Revs Up for Round 2

Failed House candidate raises $800K in first three weeks of Senate campaign

October 3, 2019

Failed House candidate Jon Ossoff, who lost a 2017 special election in Georgia despite raising a record-shattering $30 million, is up to his old tricks.

The doe-eyed wunderkind is running again, this time for Senate against the Republican incumbent Sen. David Perdue. Ossoff's campaign announced Tuesday it has raised more than $800,000 since the candidate entered the race three weeks ago.

Ossoff, 32, who was unable to vote for himself in 2017 because he did not live in Georgia's Sixth Congressional District, was the original Beto O'Rourke: a scrawny, subjectively handsome, privately educated white dude who racked up celebrity endorsements and briefly became the face of the #Resistance before losing his race and failing upward into a run for higher office.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Ossoff rejected the notion that running for Senate after losing a House election reflected his "privilege." He boasted about his "ability to withstand significant pressure in the harsh glare of the national spotlight."

One aspect of the "significant pressure" applied to Ossoff during his House campaign was the media's persistent inquiry into why he had refused to marry his girlfriend of 12 years. The public pressure saw Ossoff publicly shamed into buying an engagement ring. He still lost the race by 9,000 votes.