Hillary Clinton 2016, Explained in Five Seconds

"If you can't get it anyway"

Get excited. (AP)
September 25, 2015

Hillary Clinton's campaign is really struggling, mostly because voters think she's a self-serving liar with no personality. Polls show that Donald Trump is considered more honest and trustworthy. That's just sad. She's the least exciting candidate in the race, has been in politics forever, and currently trails socialist Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire by 16 points.

As part of her ruthlessly strategized effort to show more "humor and heart" on the campaign trail, Hillary sat down with millennial sex juggernaut Lena Dunham, who asked about the best way to inspire millennial voters in a political climate "that can seem so cold." Hillary's response was a perfect summation of what is essentially central message of her campaign: "If you can't get excited, be pragmatic and do it anyway. "

Are you not inspired?