EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton Meets Everyday American

That grandmother glow.
April 13, 2015

Hillary Clinton is hard at work reliving the glory days of her 2000 Senate campaign by driving (i.e., being driven) in a van nicknamed "Scooby." She's headed to Iowa, where she plans to launch the "campaigning" portion of her presidential campaign. On the way, she has allegedly interacted with some everyday Americans.*

She even wore sunglasses in a Chipotle and ordered her own food like a commoner:

She seems to be enjoying herself:


One of the individuals featured in this photo, Free Beacon chairman Michael Goldfarb (left), told the Free Beacon he was "ready" to engage in a foreign policy discussion with the former Secretary of State, but declines invitations from strangers to enter a van. The other individuals requested that their faces be blurred because they feared for their safety.

*The Free Beacon was unable to verify the authenticity of these photos, and the Clinton campaign has not provided definitive proof as to when they were taken. For all we know, this "road trip" is another Clinton smokescreen.