EXCLUSIVE BREAKING ANALYSIS: Obama Still Can't Throw a Baseball Correctly

May 20, 2014

After more than five years in office, President Obama still can’t throw a baseball like a normal adult male, a Free Beacon analysis has found.

Barack Obama

Obama’s lack of basic motor skills was on display Monday evening at a Little League game in Washington, D.C. He looked like he was trying to shot put a hacky sack, or something.

The Little Leaguers were not impressed, the Associated Press reports:

Shocked parents reached for their smartphones to snap a quick photo, but not all of their kids were as impressed. Some held back, unsure of who Obama was, as their parents tried to lure them back onto the infield to join the president.

"Daddy, let's just play," said one young boy, pulling his father by the hand.

The "pitcher in chief" even got a chance to try out his arm, tossing the ball from near the pitcher's mound to 10-year-old Danny Ringel, who plays for the Tigers.

The "pitcher in chief" has struggled for years to master the simple art of throwing a baseball correctly.


In fact, it's possible that his form has regressed.


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Here is the proper way to throw a baseball.


UPDATE: As John Ekdahl points out, greatest living president and fantastic painter George W. Bush can throw a baseball correctly:

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