UPDATED: The Best Song Ever Written About a Politician Is About Donald Trump

January 14, 2016

Donald Trump's campaign rally in Pensacola on Wednesday was poppin' thanks to a hot new ditty from the USA Freedom Kids, a tween pop/dance trio. Their "Official Donald Trump Jam" is the best, classiest song ever written about a politician, but there are some other decent ones as well.

"Official Donald Trump Jam" by USA Freedom Kids

Memorable lines:

President Donald Trump knows how to make America great

Deal from strength or get crushed every time

"The Mitt Romney Song" by Blake Tyler Mason

Memorable lines:

Vote for Mitt Romney 

You won't be starving

You won't be homeless

You won't be broke

"Run Liz Run" by Ready for Warren

Memorable lines:

The planet is warming and the power is shifting

We need leader who won’t stand for all the Wall street bullshit, the lobbyist grifting

"The Ron Paul Song" by NewYorkViolets

Memorable lines:

Yeah, we are the future

We’re making a stand

Ain’t gonna let another leader

Trade our blood for sand

"A Sheriff Warren Rap" by Main Street Brigade

Memorable lines:

She wants to expose the banks

And all the greed

And get rid of unnecessary fees

Which means more money in my pocket

Tell the banks to stop it

If they think they’re gonna make a profit

"Stand With Hillary" by Hipster Cowboy

Memorable lines:

I’ve been thinking about one great lady

Like the women in my life

She’s a mother, a daughter, and through it all, she’s a loving wife

"Feel The Bern" by Tony Tig

Memorable lines:

The pied piper Bernie Sanders for the middle class

While the GOP wants to put our interest last

He’s gon give it to you raw, no hesitation

With the right ideas to lead this great nation

"Barack Hussein Obama" by Creepy Children

Memorable lines:

Mmm mmm mmm Barack Hussein Obama

CORRECTION: This article originally misstated the name of the tween pop/dance trio responsible for "Official Donald Trump Jam." It is USA Freedom Kids, not Freedom Girls. We sincerely apologize for the error.

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