5 Hillary Clinton Question Dodges That Will Melt Your Heart

Hillary Clinton dodges a shoe.
• June 18, 2015 3:32 pm


Hillary Clinton hates interacting with media, presumably because she genuinely believes there is a vast conspiracy aimed specifically at her and her husband that is dedicated to besmirching the nobel Clinton legacy. Her campaign has barred pool reporters from attending campaign events and has scoffed at reporter demands for questions with Orwellian declarations like "her speech will be her interview."

In those rare instances when she does deign to take questions from the unwashed press, she typically goes out of her way to avoid providing coherent answers. Because why tarnish your self-anointed title of "voice for everyday Americans" by taking a position on a controversial issue? Why respond to trumped-up charges when it would only embolden the conspiracy mongers?

Hillary's profound fear of confronting the press and weighing in on major issues is almost endearing. Here are five Clinton question dodges that are sure to melt your heart.

1. Sydney Blumenthal

Asked about revelations that longtime Clinton confidante Sidney Blumenthal was running a private intelligence operation in Libya and regularly corresponding with Hillary during her time as secretary of state—while Blumenthal was employed by the Clinton Foundation—Hillary had this to say:

I have many, many old friends, and I always think that it's important when you get into politics to have friends you had before you got into politics, to understand what's on their minds. He's been a friend of mine for a long time. He's sent me unsolicited e-mails, which I passed on in some instances. I see that as part of the give and take. When you're in the public eye, when you're in an official position, I think you do have to work to ensure that you're not caught in a bubble. I hear from a certain small group of people and I'm going to continue to talk to my old friends, whoever they are.

A subsequent Free Beacon analysis found that the Clintons have some very sketchy "old friends."

2. Iraq

Hillary supported the Iraq War, which most liberals believe was one of the most disastrous decisions in American history. And yet, liberals praised her response to a question about her decision to side with George W. Bush. "I’ve made it very clear that I made a mistake, plain and simple," Hillary said. "And I have written about it in my book; I’ve talked about it in the past."

As liberal genius Paul Krugman has explained, politicians who supported the Iraq war either A) have poor judgement, B) love war, or C) will do anything to advance (his or) her political career.

3. Benghazi

When the House committee investigating the Benghazi terror attacks asked: "Can we see all your emails related to Democratic messaging in the wake of the attacks?" Clinton responded: "Thanks, but no."

The State Department or Hillary Clinton withheld emails from the House Benghazi committee that explicitly mentioned Democratic messaging following the 2012 terrorist attack, even though the panel had specifically asked for those kinds of correspondence to be turned over, POLITICO has learned.

Complying with congressional investigations is something a commoner might do, but we're talking about the Clintons. They're absurdly rich and there is a vast conspiracy against them.

4. Unions

Someone tried to asked Clinton how, if she supports unions so much, she planned to boost union membership in the South, where "right-to-work" laws (and lucrative, job-creating manufacturing projects) prevail. Hillary was having none of it:

Hillary won't even come out and explicitly endorse a $15-an-hour minimum wage, merely stating her support for workers' "fight" to raise the minimum wage. Democrats looking for bold leadership might want to consider Bernie Sanders, a committed liberal who speaks his mind and leads from the heart.

5. Trade 

Hillary really doesn't like to talk about the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. She has gone out of her way to avoid taking a position, even though she repeatedly praised the TPP deal as secretary of state. Her best dodges include:

  • "I have been for trade agreements, I have been against trade agreements."
  • "The questions that were raised are ones that have to be answered."
  • "[Fast-track authority] is a process issue. The issue for me is what's in the deal."
  • "I believe that you take whatever happens to you in a negotiation, and you leverage it."

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton donor Donald Trump, who recently entered the 2016 race, have been outspoken opponents of the trade deal.