Hillary Clinton's 'Old Friends'

Hillary Clinton hugs her old friend Jon Corzine. (AP)
May 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton took questions from the media in Iowa on Tuesday for the first time in four weeks. When asked about her relationship with longtime Clinton operative Sidney Blumenthal, who was personally advising the State Department while he was employed by the Clinton Foundation and perusing business interests in Libya, the former secretary of state told reporters: "I’m going to keep talking to my old friends, whoever they are." Talking regularly with Blumenthal, she argued, was a way for her to escape the "bubble" of insider politics.

In additional to Blumenthal, here are a few of the "old friends" Hillary may be keeping in touch with.

Jon Corzine

The disgraced former governor of New Jersey was a major campaign bundler for Hillary Clinton in 2008, before losing billions on Wall Street, which resulted in his being sued by the federal government for fraud. Corzine is still raising money for Hillary.



Jeffrey Epstein

The Clinton Foundation donor and convicted sex offender often flew with Bill Clinton on his private jet, known affectionately as the "Lolita Express," to Epstein’s private residence on "orgy island" in the U.S. Virgin Islands.



George Stephanopoulos

A former Clinton operative, the chief anchor for ABC News remains close to the Clintons by donating to their foundation and taking part in a number of Clinton-sponsored events over the years.

George Stephanopoulos


Frank Giustra

The Canadian mining tycoon has pledged more than $100 million to the Clinton Foundation and frequently loans out his private jet to the Clintons.



Marc Rich

On his last day in office, Bill Clinton pardoned Rich, a commodities trader who had appeared alongside Osama bin Laden on the FBI’s "most wanted" list for tax evasion and illegal dealings with Iran. His wife, Denise Rich, made significant donations to the Democratic Party and the Clinton Library prior to the pardon. Rich died in 2013, but Hillary has a history of communicating with the spiritual realm.



Webb Hubbell

Hillary Clinton’s former law partner pled guilty in 1994 to federal corruption charges and was sentenced to nearly two years in prison.



Lloyd Blankfein

The Goldman Sachs CEO has donated to Hillary Clinton's campaigns and to the Clinton Foundation. He also helped launch Clinton son-in-law Marc Mezvinsky's failed hedge fund.



Hassan Nemazee

The major Clinton donor is serving a 12-year sentence for defrauding banks of nearly $300 million.

Hassan Nemazee


Sant Chatwal

The prominent campaign bundler for Hillary Clinton pled guilty in 2014 to federal charges of making illegal campaign contributions, as well as witness tampering.

Chelsea Clinton and Sant Singh Chatwal


Sheldon Silver

The New York State Assembly Speaker who played a key role in gathering support for Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign was arrested on federal corruption charges earlier this year.

hillary-clinton-sheldon-silver-2000 (1)


Ron Burkle

The Clinton fundraiser and investment manager hired Bill as an "adviser" after he left the White House. The pair frequently flew on Burkle’s private jet, allegedly known as "Air F—k One."



Marc Lasry

The billionaire investment tycoon and owner of the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks is a major donor to Clinton campaigns and the Clinton Foundation. He even hired Chelsea to work at a $13.3 billion hedge prior to her $600,000/year gig at NBC.