2 Chainz Offers to Cook For Alex Wagner

September 13, 2013

Alex Wagner welcomed 2 Chainz on her noontime MSNBC program, Now, Friday to promote his sophomore album and freshman cookbook in the first interview that Wagner, the pioneer music-and-fashion editor turned political "expert," has been qualified to conduct on her show.
Chainz Spices

B.O.A.T.S II M.E. Time’s lead single, 'Feds Watching," coincidentally dropped just as it was reported that the U.S. government is monitoring its citizens, and when America began monitoring Edward Snowden's ex.

Chainz said after 12 years since September 11, it's no secret that the federal government is monitoring Americans to keep them safe.

Personally, M.E. Time doesn't do it for me. Chainz is best known for rapping his eclectic lyrics over dope beats. Unfortunately his eccentricity bleeds into his production in this uneven album.

Tity 2 Necklaces' year of getting stopped and frisked by criminals and getting popped for purple drank gave Wagner plenty of opportunities to advance MSNBC's agenda of politicizing life.

Instead she accepted Chainz offer to cook for her.

In his typical Chainz-ian fashion, Tauheed Epps has released a cookbook packaged with copies of M.E. Time.

It would have saved everyone's time if A-Wags just rapped 'Birthday Song."

Chainz Rap

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