2 Chainz’s ‘Feds Watching’

Fresh As Hell When the Feds Watching
• July 1, 2013 11:14 am


The only American who's been on the road longer than 2 Chainz is NSA leaker Edward Snowden. Which is appropriate since the Hairweave Killer celebrated his seven additional BET Award nominations by dropping the video to "Feds Watching."

"Feds Watching" is the lead single on Chainz's sophomore outing "ME Time." Its visuals feature a bevy of video chicks that have garnered healthy praise for Tity 2 Necklaces.



What I was wondering was why Chainz didn't call Snowden's girlfriend Lindsay Mills. She could use the work.

Also, Chainz performed in Nigeria last week.


The Hairweave Killer’s trip to Africa was considerably less harrowing than his flight from NoCal last month, however.

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