'We'll Get The Last Laugh': Hunter Biden Rallied to Buddy’s Side in Massive Indian Tribal Bond Fraud Scheme

Devon Archer is headed for prison after losing an appeal earlier this month

Joe and Hunter Biden in the president's 1967 Corvette (Twitter)
June 20, 2023

Hunter Biden’s world was crashing down on him in 2018. He was the target of a federal tax investigation, in the throes of drug addiction, and had just fathered a child with whom he wanted no contact. But one thing brought the troubled first son joy: a temporary legal reprieve for a longtime business partner who defrauded a Native American tribe out of $60 million.

"Im [sic] smiling for the first time in a year," Hunter Biden wrote his partner, Devon Archer, on Nov. 18, 2018, after a judge overturned Archer’s conviction months earlier for defrauding the Wakpamni tribe in a massive bond scheme, according to text messages from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

"Thank fucking god! First good news in way too long my friend. I am so happy for you," continued Hunter Biden, who also appeared to criticize the justice system that had come down hard on his friend.

"Motherfuckers," wrote Hunter Biden. "I swear to god we’ll have the last laugh."

The celebration over Archer's reprieve was short-lived. An appeals court in October 2020 reinstated Archer's conviction, and the disgraced businessman was sentenced to one year in prison last year. He will soon begin serving time after losing an appeal earlier this month.

Five years after Hunter Biden's excitement at his business partner escaping Justice Department charges, he has found himself in the agency's crosshairs. The U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware has since 2018 investigated Hunter Biden’s taxes and foreign business dealings, many of which were carried out through Rosemont Seneca, Hunter Biden’s and Archer’s investment firm. House Oversight Republicans subpoenaed Archer this week to testify about his dealings with Hunter Biden as part of their probe into the Biden family’s business activities—it was through Rosemont that the longtime friends had investments in China and Ukraine.

While Hunter Biden was not implicated in Archer’s Indian bond scheme, one of Archer’s co-conspirators touted connections to Hunter Biden in order to give the bond proposal a veneer of legitimacy.

"Hunter Biden works for [Archer]. So we’ve got the top-level politicos with us," Bevan Cooney, who was convicted alongside Archer, said in a secretly recorded phone conversation disclosed at trial.

The younger Biden had reason to be relieved at the time of his friend’s legal victory. Archer’s legal troubles had been a thorn in Biden's side ever since he learned he was named as a witness in the case.

"I am receiving calls from the Southern District of New York. From the district attorney himself. My best friend in business, Devon, has named me as a witness, without telling me, in a criminal case," Hunter Biden said in a May 2018 voice memo with an unknown woman. "I’m talking about a fucking criminal case in which Devon has me named as a witness."

Eight months later in January 2019 Biden copied the recording to his iTunes folder on his laptop and renamed it "Most Genius Shit Ever."

Archer appears to have harbored some bad blood with the Biden family over the fact that Hunter Biden’s father was a leader in the administration that arrested him and put him in jail in the first place, texts show. Archer confronted Hunter Biden in March 2019, saying their Chinese business associates at the private equity firm BHR Partners keep asking why his family didn’t even try to help.

"Why would they try to ruin my family and destroy my kids and no one from your family’s side step in and at least try to help me," Archer asked in a March 2019 text. "I don’t get it. And I’m depressed. Bunch of these Asians getting in my head asking me the same."

Hunter Biden said it was the cost of doing business with his family.

"Every great family is persecuted prosecuted in the us — you are part of a great family," Hunter Biden said. "You are a Biden. Its the price of power.and the people questioning you truly have none whereas you do through perseverance and poise… The powerful are targets in this country the more powerful they become."

"It’s unfair at times but in the end the system of justice usually works and like you we are redeemed and the truth prevails," Hunter Biden added. "The unfairness to us allows for the greater good."

Hunter Biden's elation at the prospect of a friend getting away with defrauding a Native tribe starkly contrasts with President Joe Biden’s purported championing of tribal communities. The White House claims that President Biden has "deployed record investments" to Native communities and made "the largest single investment in infrastructure for Indian Country ever."