WATCH: Why Does Sleepy Joe Biden Always Wander Off Like a Nursing Home Patient on the Loose?

His feeble mind screams for ice cream

President Joe Biden, sometimes referred to as "Sleepy Joe," is always getting lost at public events. It's a sad sight, like watching a nursing home patient attempt to navigate an imposing buffet line where the food isn't labeled in an oversized senior-friendly font.

We have always wondered: What is going through Biden's mind (what's left of it, anyway) in those frantic moments when he wanders off and has to be corralled like a curious toddler? What, if anything, is he thinking about during those pathetic attempts to speak into an unplugged microphone?

We may have found the answer.

Context: Biden, 80, is the first octogenarian president in American history.

WATCH: Two Minutes of Joe Biden Wandering Around Looking Lost

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