WATCH: Joe Biden Recites His ABCs (Vol. 1)

Big boy president knows the best words, from 'AAHAANINHPI' to 'Zzzzzzz'

August 30, 2022

President Joe Biden, 79, is a big boy who always clears his plate at mealtime and knows a lot of big boy words, which he uses to address the nation whenever his nurses and other handlers let him out in public.

Sometimes when he doesn't know a word or forgets how to read a teleprompter, Biden isn't afraid to invent his own words and carry on speaking with the confidence of a fifth-grader who is really starting to blossom after getting held back a year. We have compiled some of the best examples here, from A to Z.


This video montage was inspired by "Sean Spicer's Alternative ABCs," a 2017 production courtesy of GQ (née Gentleman's Quarterly).