Was Hunter Framed? Second Suspect Emerges in WH Cocaine Scandal

The White House keeps changing its story. How high up does the conspiracy go?

July 7, 2023

What happened: New evidence raises the possibility that President Joe Biden's adult son Hunter, a known drug addict, was not responsible for the cocaine discovered at the White House on Sunday.

• A second viable suspect has emerged as the Biden administration continues to revise its story regarding the location of the illegal drugs.

Crucial context: The White House initially claimed the cocaine was found in a highly trafficked area of the White House where "visitors taking tours of the West Wing are instructed to leave their cellphones." That was a lie.

• The drugs were actually found in a highly secure area of the White House "near the Situation Room," a place where "average people just can't get in" that also happens to be "where the vice president's vehicle is parked."

Who dunnit: The cocaine's proximity to Vice President Kamala Harris's vehicle raises some troubling questions in light of her history prosecuting drug cases as San Francisco district attorney.

The case for Kamala: Harris's political career was nearly upended by a cocaine-related scandal in 2010, when a California state judge ruled that Harris failed to share information she was required to disclose to defense attorneys.

• Weeks after one of Harris's top deputies in the San Francisco district attorney's office expressed concern about the reliability of a crime lab technician, the technician was busted for taking "cocaine from the lab, possibly tainting evidence and raising concerns about hundreds of cases."

• Harris had a moral and professional obligation to disclose this information to defense attorneys representing clients charged with drug-related offenses linked to the delinquent lab technician. She neglected to do so and was credibly accused of having "systematically violated defendants' civil and constitutional rights."

• After being reprimanded by the state judge, Harris was forced to dismiss roughly 1,000 drug-related cases, many of which had already resulted in convictions.

Mounting evidence: Kamala's former lover, Willie Brown, went out of his way to defend a wealthy San Francisco coke dealer indicted for trafficking hundreds of kilos of the illegal substance.

• While serving as speaker of the California state assembly in the mid-1980s, Brown appeared in court as an attorney for Lester "White Boy" Smith, a Ferrari salesman and notorious suburban drug dealer. Smith was arrested for attempting to buy 220 pounds of cocaine from undercover officers.

• Smith faced a potential life sentence, but Brown pleaded for leniency and requested a four-year prison term for the "model young man" who "made a stupid mistake." Smith was subsequently arrested again for dealing drugs after his release on $3 million bail. He was ultimately convicted and sentenced to 27 years in prison.

• Harris dated Brown from 1994 to 1995, shortly before he was elected mayor of San Francisco. Brown admitted to boosting Harris's career by appointing her to highly compensated positions on California state commissions. "I certainly helped with her first race for district attorney in San Francisco," Brown wrote in a 2019 op-ed, the same year he was honored with a Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year award.

Bottom line: Harris has a problematic history when it comes to cocaine. She occasionally cackles like a cokehead. The drugs were found near her vehicle. Coincidence?

Be smart: It was definitely Hunter's cocaine.

Go deeper: Dr. Sebastian Gorka explains why.