Dem Governor Not Sure Biden Should Seek Reelection

February 4, 2022

Democratic Nevada governor Steve Sisolak on Thursday said he doesn't know whether President Joe Biden should run for reelection in light of the stresses the president has endured during the first year of his term.

"I don't know if he should run for reelection," Sisolak told the Washington Post. "I think that's a personal decision he has to make. ... I cannot imagine the amount of stress that President Biden is under."

Sisolak went on to suggest he had noticed the effects of stress on Biden.

"I saw [Biden] a couple of weeks back at Senator [Harry] Reid's funeral, and we had a chance to communicate just a little bit," the governor said. "You saw President Obama. He got to office with dark black hair and he left with hair as gray as mine. You can tell, the stress of the job."

Sisolak was equivocal when asked whether Biden would be an asset for Democrats in state elections in Nevada. "Is he an asset? To people that like him, he's a huge asset," he said. "The people that are his detractors, he's not an asset. You know, we'll stand in Nevada on our record, what we've done."

Biden has seen major setbacks during his administration that could contribute to his stress levels, including the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, record inflation, and legislative gridlock. The president has seen his approval fall to as low as 33 percent in the last month.