‘Clearly Retaliatory’: IRS Whistleblower’s Team Taken Off Hunter Biden Probe

(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
May 16, 2023

The IRS reportedly removed an investigative team from its probe into Hunter Biden after one of the team's members told Congress the agency was stalling the investigation for political purposes.

The whistleblower, a longtime IRS criminal supervisory special agent, sought whistleblower protections last month to come forward with revelations into the Biden tax investigation. The bombshell claims allege the Biden administration is showing "preferential treatment" toward the president's son and holding back in the investigation.

Now that whistleblower and his entire team are off the investigation on orders from the Justice Department, the New York Post reporting.

Lawyers for the whistleblower said in a statement that "he and his entire investigative team are being removed" from the investigation at the request of the Justice Department.

The whistleblower has not specifically named Hunter Biden as the subject of the case he has supervised since 2020, but congressional sources confirmed the fact, the New York Post reported.

The lawyers added that the team's removal is "clearly retaliatory" and "may also constitute obstruction of a congressional inquiry."

The development comes after a lawyer for Hunter Biden said the IRS agent broke the law by telling Congress about his concerns with the investigation.

Biden's lawyer Chris Clark said in late April that "it appears this IRS agent has committed a crime" by "improperly disclos[ing] information about an ongoing tax investigation."

Mark Lytle, lawyer for the whistleblower, said it was "unfortunate" Biden's lawyer made the statement.
He added that Clark’s statements will likely stop future whistleblowers from coming forward. "I don’t think it helps whistleblowers as a whole," Lytle said.

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