Biden Admin Denying Care to Diplomats Suffering from 'Havana Syndrome,' Staffers Say

U.S. embassy in Havana (Getty Images)
May 26, 2021

The Biden administration is neglecting U.S. diplomats suffering from "Havana Syndrome," a mysterious medical condition with symptoms of brain injury, according to members of the State Department.

The employees said the department has "reject[ed] scientific evidence regarding the injuries and treatment needs" and "invalidate[d] our injuries and experiences," according to a letter obtained Wednesday by NBC News. The letter is signed by "Victims of Hostile Action in Cuba and China," the countries where embassy workers suffered some of the first reported cases of the illness.

The letter is renewing calls to further investigate the cause of the syndrome, which can lead to permanent brain damage. Reports indicate the illness is caused by pulsed microwave energy, which may be the result of "targeted attacks" on U.S. embassies in hostile countries.

The diplomats say they have been repeatedly denied a meeting with department leadership.

"After four years of challenges, we were hopeful that the new administration would welcome a partnership with us to ensure those affected receive the care and treatment they need and ensure appropriate care for the new cases," they said. "Unfortunately, our experience thus far has fallen short of our renewed expectations."

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