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Sleepy Joe blunders, whispers, and coughs his way through first year in office

and • December 14, 2021 1:00 pm


It's been almost a year since Joe Biden, 79, was sworn in as president. Alas, he doesn't have much to show for it. A sluggish economy wracked by record inflation. A botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. A looming threat of Russian invasion in Eastern Europe. A Republican victory in Virginia. Unchecked illegal immigration on the southern border. Almost 400,000 deaths from the virus he promised to "shut down."

Perhaps the best news for Biden is that there are still another 11 months to go before the midterm elections. At least in theory, the electorate's mood could still change. Otherwise, the president and his Democratic allies could be heading toward a historic defeat in Congress.

One might also point out that, despite the fact that his approval rating has dropped almost 15 percentage points since Inauguration Day, Biden is still far more popular than his vice president, Kamala Harris, who was recently exposed by the Washington Free Beacon for buying roughly $600 worth of kitchenware at an élite Parisian establishment at a time when hardworking American families are struggling to make ends meet.

Biden's relative likability is presumably the result of his youthful vigor and presidential demeanor. His inability to remember words or speak in coherent sentences makes him relatable to the average voter and serves as a reminder that anyone—even a mentally deficient geezer from Scranton, Pa.—can become leader of the free world. Like a creepy uncle who wears a court-ordered ankle monitor at holiday gatherings, Biden isn't afraid to whisper in our ear when he senses our discomfort or announce his presence with a sickly cough that makes us all the more appreciative of our own health.

Please enjoy this video compilation of Sleepy Joe blundering, whispering, and coughing his way through what has been a rather inauspicious first year in office.

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