ALERT: China Tried To Eat This Dog

The communists are out of control

May 23, 2023

What happened: An adorable Samoyed named Felicity walked the red carpet in Cannes, France, on Sunday after being rescued from Chinese butchers planning to kill her and sell her as food.

• The Chinese butchers had Felicity "strung up by her tail" before members of the London-based charity NoToDogMeat came to her rescue, the Daily Mail reports.

• Felicity, who lives in London now, wore a sparkling red gown at the Cannes Film Festival to highlight the charity's mission of ending the dog meat trade.

What they're saying: "When we found Felicity she was in a terrible state, but over time and with a lot of love and care her outgoing personality has blossomed," said Julia de Cadenet, founder of NoToDogMeat.

"Anyone who loves dogs is rightly appalled by the cruelty of the dog meat trade, and ever since I found out about it I have been determined to try and help," said charity volunteer Michelle Parker, who created Felicity's red carpet look.

Context: In one of his several memoirs, former president Barack Obama admitted eating dog meat as a child in Indonesia.

Why it matters: Dogs are good; they should be cherished. Chinese communism is evil; it should be eradicated.

Bottom line: America is better than China.


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