Losers for Biden: Romney Campaign Alums Abandon GOP for Joe

July 1, 2020

Former staffers from Mitt Romney's failed presidential campaign are abandoning the Republican Party and working to elect former vice president Joe Biden.

Micah Spangler, who worked as a Florida field director for Romney in 2012, is working with the Biden campaign to "cultivate a network of Romney alums that want to help elect Joe in November," according to an email Spangler wrote to solicit support for his deviant scheme.

Spangler's former failed boss, who was the only GOP senator to vote to convict President Donald Trump, could be among those who end up backing Biden in the fall, or at least writing in "Alexander Hamilton." Romney was forced to endure a ritualistic humiliation after Trump's victory in 2016 when the president-elect invited him to dinner and pretended like he wanted to nominate him for secretary of state.

Spangler told the Washington Times that "dozens and dozens" of his former colleagues on Romney's failed 2012 campaign have "signed up" to be a part of the "network," whatever that means. A poor man's Lincoln Project? Or a desperate ploy to improve their social standing and advance their careers in politics?

The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump super PAC started by a group of failed Republican strategists, has been lavished with Twitter praise from anti-Trump liberals for its snarky attack ads. One of the group's founders, John Weaver, was an adviser to failed GOP candidates John McCain, Jon Huntsman, and John Kasich, and has also advised the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Not all former Romney staffers were eager to jump on the Biden bandwagon. Brett Doster, who also worked for Romney's campaign in Florida but didn't remember Spangler, told the Times he wished his former colleagues "no personal ill-will," but questioned "the patriotism and wisdom of supporting Joe Biden, who would be a cultural and economic disaster for the country."

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