Patrick Hauf

AFL-CIO Income Inequality Report Uses Dubious Data

Critics say union's CEO pay report ignores economic reality

America's largest union used suspect data to inflate the divide between workers and their bosses. The study includes part-time and global workers and uses the mean compensation for CEOs, rather than the median figure, which some experts argue creates a more accurate comparison. 

Undermining Right to Work

Dem legislation would undermine anti-coercive unionism laws

Democrats are working to push federal legislation that would override right to work laws across the country.

Trump Targets Democrats’ Abortion Extremism

Pro-lifers praise straight talk on Democrats' support for late-term abortion, taxpayer funding

President Donald Trump will make the Democrat Party's defense of late-term abortion a centerpiece of his reelection campaign.

Trump to Speak at Military-Themed Independence Day Event

The Department of the Interior released details regarding this year’s Independence Day Celebration

Donal Trump Hold MAGA Campaign Rally In Southwest FloridaTrump will deliver remarks during the Salute to America event at Lincoln Memorial starting at 6:30 p.m., which will honor the nation’s five military branches.