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How Vulnerable Dems Used Legislative Gymnastics To Pretend They Were Against New Taxes

Sen. Maggie Hassan reintroduced Republican measure to cut tax from Dems' climate bill—but doomed amendment with 60-vote threshold

August 10, 2022

'I Don't Buy the Bipartisan Talk': New Hampshire Voters Reject Dem's Campaign Message

Sen. Maggie Hassan plays up her appeal to independents. NH voters say she's a reliable vote for the Biden admin.

August 6, 2022

Biden Admin To Review Whether Grant Recipients Distribute Crack Pipes

Administration's careful scrutiny follows several Free Beacon reports on grant program

August 5, 2022

Report: Biden Admin Considers Support for Legalized Injection Sites

The 'harm reduction' clinics allow addicts to use illicit drugs under supervision

July 28, 2022

Tax-Hiking Dem Under Fire for Unpaid Taxes

Swing-district candidate Greg Landsman owes thousands in federal loans

July 15, 2022

This Blue State Cites George Floyd's Death To Justify Trans Lesson for Kindergartners

Maine's Biden-funded lesson described transgender person as 'someone who the doctors made a mistake about when they're born'

July 8, 2022

Vulnerable Dem Mum on Biden's Call To Abolish Filibuster

Sen. Maggie Hassan last year abandoned support for filibuster for election reform

June 30, 2022