Free Beacon Jack McEvoy

Infrastructure Bill Would Require Alcohol Monitors for All New Cars

Advanced monitoring systems track drivers' blood alcohol concentration and can 'prevent ... motor vehicle operation'

August 4, 2021

Meet the British Man Who Spent $200K To Become Korean

TikTok sensation sparks debate over transracial identity and medical ethics

July 10, 2021

Border Hawks Call on Abbott to Expand E-Verify

GOP gov looks to wall, but activists say citizenship work requirements needed to curb border crisis

June 17, 2021

Amazon Defends Sale of Anti-Cop Merchandise

Tech giant sells products featuring 'Blue Lives Murder' slogan

June 9, 2021

As Virus Spread, Fauci Compared COVID-19 to 'Seasonal Flu'

Top doc urged reporters to cover flu, not COVID, in early days of pandemic

June 4, 2021