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After Walking Back Pledge To Shutter Coal Plants, Biden Admin Proposes Rule That Could Shutter Coal Plants

EPA restrictions would impose new compliance costs on coal plants, which could force them to close

March 8, 2023
John Kerry

John Kerry Rebukes Oil Companies for Increasing Production. The President Has Been Pressing Them for Months To Do Just That.

Biden's energy czar urges BP, Chevron to 'take stock of the science' after companies announce oil and gas investments

March 8, 2023

GOP Looks To Flip the Script, Attack Dems for 'Slashing' Benefits to Seniors

$2 million ad buy from McCarthy-aligned PAC targets 14 swing congressional districts

March 3, 2023

'Hidden Hazards': Biden Appointee Teases New Gas Stove Regulations After Backtracking on Ban

After threatening to ban appliance, Richard Trumka Jr. takes 'step one in confronting a potential hazard'

March 3, 2023

Biden Said Oil Companies Were Sitting on 9,000 Unused Drilling Permits. He Was Wrong.

Dem's Interior Department quietly updates data, debunks White House talking point on gas prices

February 28, 2023

How Biden's 'Green Energy Economy' is Benefiting Left-Wing Billionaires

Dem megadonors Bill Gates and Laurene Powell Jobs see green energy investments flooded with taxpayer cash

February 28, 2023

Not So Clean After All: Biden's Favorite Electric Truck Gets Metal From Refinery That's Killing People, Report Says

Biden has called Ford's electric F-150 a 'clean' vehicle that will help 'save the planet'

February 27, 2023

Turns Out They Are Coming for Your Gas Stoves

New Biden ‘efficiency’ rule would ban half of gas stoves on the U.S. market

February 25, 2023

Easy Being Green: Biden Approves Campaign Donors' Solar Project Over Environmentalist Objections

Intersect Power has 'raped the desert' through Biden-approved solar farm, local resident says

February 23, 2023