Collin Anderson

Biden Again Misrepresents Iraq War Stance

NPR: ‘Biden told us that he opposed the war...but the reality is murky’

Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden again misrepresented his previous stance on the Iraq war, claiming that he "came out against the war" the "moment it started" despite defending his vote to authorize force in Iraq months after the war began.

Union Leaders Launch Janus Counterattack

States introduce over 100 bills after Supreme Court rebukes mandatory union dues

Labor leaders have launched a state-level counterattack against the Supreme Court decision that declared mandatory union dues and fees for government workers unconstitutional.

Epstein Associate Glenn Dubin Has Flooded Dems With Cash

Numerous House Dems tell Free Beacon money was returned; Pete Buttigieg, others remain silent

Glenn DubinA New York finance mogul named in unsealed court documents as a close associate of Jeffrey Epstein and participant in his underage sex operation has contributed over $75,000 to Democratic candidates in the last 18 months.