Charles Fain Lehman

Billionaires Buy Ibram Kendi’s Woke Promises, But He Doesn’t Deliver

Kendi's research center got hundreds of thousands for projects that never materialized; now he's aiming higher

Ibram X. KendiIn August of 2019, as young journalists agitated for their newsrooms to pivot towards social justice, American University’s Dr. Ibram X. Kendi secured a $50,000 grant from the Ford Foundation to develop a “racial reporting guidebook” to help the media hew to Kendi’s “antiracist” principles. 

Swing States See Gun Sales Boom, Activists Look to Capitalize

Nine swing states have seen record-setting surge in gun sales in 2020

Former mechanic Shawn Shriver bought a storefront about an hour outside Pittsburgh years ago. He created a 400-square-foot gun shop that he runs with his wife. They sell guns, ammo, and holsters to their neighbors. They normally carry about 150 pistols on a regular day. But there haven’t been many regular days since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March, as well as the public unrest that emerged in June.

REVIEW: ‘One Billion Americans’ by Matthew Yglesias

On the eve of World War II, there were roughly 130 million Americans, some 6 percent of the world's population. By comparison, mainland Japan had 72 million, Germany 69 million, and Italy just 43 million. Only the Soviet Union—168 million—could match the United States man-for-man.