Charles Fain Lehman

Why Is Laurene Powell Jobs Funding Fake News?

Liberal billionaire's Emerson Collective claims to fund 'super high-quality journalism,' but backs astroturfed news sites

Laurene Powell Jobs and former Washington mayor Adrian FentyLaurene Powell Jobs has portrayed herself as a defender of the free press, but while several of the journalistic projects she supports have laid off employees and turned to the government for help, the billionaire has also funded a political group that has built sham local news sites to push Democratic talking points.

Fund the Police

Analysis: Spend more, not less, to cut crime and improve cops

The progressive left is increasingly agitating for the defunding of America's police departments, even as decades of research indicate that better-funded cops make communities better, while cutting back would see crime spike.

Dem Senator Pushes For Bailout for His Own Pension

Gary Peters, worth millions, collects $50K a year from underfunded Michigan system

Gary PetersSen. Gary Peters has repeatedly agitated for a federal bailout for his home state, indirectly seeking a rescue for the pension system that pays the millionaire Michigan Democrat five figures annually.