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Alec Schemmel is an Investigative Reporter for the Washington Free Beacon. He graduated from American University in Washington, D.C., where he studied journalism and political science. Alec is originally from Charlotte, N.C., and now lives in Arlington, Va. His email address is

'How Dare You Slander the Names of Our Martyrs': Inside a George Washington Professor's Pro-Hamas Tirade

Lara Sheehi, under investigation for classroom anti-Semitism, expresses solidarity with terrorist group in private Instagram posts

October 16, 2023

Public School District Tells Its Teachers 'Israeli Terrorism' Has Been 'Significantly Worse' Than Hamas

Massachusetts-based Revere Public Schools touts anti-Israel resources in email to staff

October 11, 2023

Top California Teachers' Union Wants Homeless People To Sleep in Its Public School Parking Lots

Proposal comes as Fresno's public school teachers barrel toward a strike that could close classrooms

October 5, 2023

As California Charter Schools Excel, Los Angeles's Top Public District Makes It Harder To Attend Them

New district policy will bring difficult commutes for low-income charter school families, officials argue

September 28, 2023

How the Biden Administration Is Using the 'Climate Crisis' To Make Housing Even More Expensive

Energy Department effort to push green building codes will cost families big, experts say

September 26, 2023

Portland Shells Out Thousands For Homeless to Help Shape City's Police Disciplinary System

City says its 'houseless community' is needed to make 'systemic changes' to law enforcement oversight

September 18, 2023

From Court Packing to Climate Change, Teachers' Unions Push Progressive Priorities as Test Scores Plummet

NEA, AFT used summer gatherings to increase 'political power,' critics argue

September 15, 2023

Portland Teachers Threaten School Shutdown if Their District Declines To Provide Subsidized Housing

Local union pursues left-wing priorities in collective bargaining showdown

September 6, 2023

Meet the Canadian Psychiatrist MSNBC Is Using To Defend School Shutdowns

Remote learning loss is 'dangerous myth,' Mehdi Hasan says with help from University of British Columbia's Tyler Black

August 31, 2023