California to Purge 1.5 Million Inactive Voter Registrations

L.A. County has a registration rate of 112 percent of its citizen population

voting boothCalifornia and Los Angeles County have agreed to purge as many as 1.5 million inactive voter registrations across the state as part of a court settlement finalized this week with Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog.

Hospitable on Purpose

Review: 'Building the Benedict Option' by Leah Libresco

New Year's resolutions come in two kinds. Some resolve to sweep away the practices and habits of a prior way of life to produce a fresh start, a blank foundation on which to build a new and freer self. Others resolve to stay a given course, renewing an older dedication to do much as had been done before, but with greater deliberation and reinvigorated intention, seeking independence from what has hampered the effort. To make a joke, perhaps history and assonance allow us to call the first a French resolution, and the second American. Of course, many Americans are inclined to the former view of things.

Influence and Goo

Review: 'Leaders: Myth and Reality' by Stanley McChrystal, Jeff Eggers, and Jason Mangone

Leadership. Dozens of universities around the country offer courses in its study. Every other year casts up onto the bestseller list another book on the topic. And all of it is basically goo. The people writing about leadership can't even agree on what it means. A few years ago, Bernard M. Bass pointed out that "a two-day meeting to discuss leadership" will often start "with a day of argument over the definition." Joseph Rost looked at almost 600 academic papers on leadership and found well over 200 rival definitions of the word, bitterly dueling within them.

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Alleging FBI Role in 2015 Terror Attack in Texas

Injured security guard wanted to know FBI's actions in lead-up to the attack

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by a security guard who was injured during a 2015 terror attack by ISIS radicals in Garland, Texas. Bruce Joiner alleged the FBI was liable, arguing the bureau had prior knowledge of the impending violence and had even helped incubate the idea with attackers, but then failed to stop it.