Warren Sidesteps Question About Tlaib’s Vulgar Impeachment Remarks

Sen. Elizabeth Warren / Getty Images


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) wasn't interested Friday in talking about a freshman Democrat's vulgar remark about President Donald Trump.

Newly sworn-in Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) drew considerable attention Wednesday night when she proclaimed to a cheering crowd that House Democrats were going to "impeach the motherfucker." Responses ranged from condemnation to annoyance from her fellow Democrats, with some calling it helpful to the White House.

Warren, speaking with reporters after a campaign event in Council Bluffs, Iowa, didn't mention her when asked for a response, pivoting to say Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation had to be protected.

"I think it is absolutely essential that we protect the Mueller investigation," she said. "The special prosecutor has already produced more than two-dozen indictments or guilty pleas. Our job right now in Congress is to protect that investigation, and we need bipartisan legislation to do that."

"The rhetoric itself, is that appropriate?" a reporter followed up, leading Warren to shake her head.

"I think what we're in this fight for is to get the facts, and the way that's going to happen is for Mueller to be fully protected and to be able to complete his investigation," she said.

Warren is on a five-stop Iowa trip this weekend following the formation of her presidential exploratory committee. She is the first major Democratic contender to make an official campaign stop in the critical caucus state.

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