Senator: Air Force is Unlawfully Dismantling Airlift Wing

Thom Tillis raises concerns about cuts to unit that helps train Army troops

C-130 transport aircraftSen. Thom Tillis (R., N.C.) is raising concerns that the Air Force could be dismantling an airlift wing that helps train troops—before providing a legally mandated report to Congress.

For a DC Carry Permit, Among the Rejected

Feature: There goes my right to bear arms

After a federal judge struck down D.C.'s outright ban on carrying firearms I applied for one of the newly created concealed carry permits. A bunch of paperwork, time, and hassle later, the city got my fingerprints and $110 and I got nothing.

Poll: Everybody Thinks Brian Williams Should Go

71.6 percent of Americans think he should resign

A new poll found that 71.6 percent of Americans want Brian Williams to resign from NBC's Nightly News even after he apologized for misrepresenting his role in a 2003 helicopter crash in Iraq and was suspended.

Complaint: Extensive Campaign Finance Violations by Clinton-Tied Data Firm

Democratic firm Catalist may have facilitated illegal coordination by Dems, outside groups

A Democratic data firm run by supporters of a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign may be illegally supporting and coordinating with the Democratic Party and the offices of senior members of Congress, according to a legal complaint filed on Friday.

Where the Wild Things Are

Review: Piero di Cosimo at that National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., through May 3, 2015

If, despite his manifest excellence, Piero di Cosimo never achieved the same prominence as his rough contemporaries Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael, perhaps one reason is that everyone found him to be a bit odd. Evidence of his eccentricity is not only to be found in his paintings, but also in what we have had passed down to us regarding his habits.