Lew Doesn’t Know Budgets

Blames Republicans for Democratic Failure

President Obama’s current chief of staff and former director of the Office of Management and Budget, Jack Lew, does not know how many votes it takes to pass a budget in the United State Senate, judging by interviews Sunday. Lew made a series of factual blunders on the Sunday talk show circuit.

George Soros Misrepresents Political Activities on CNN

Political giving advances his business interests, lacks transparency

Left-wing billionaire George Soros told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Sunday that he has funded political causes “on principle, not for pursuit of my private interests,” and that “I have always done it very openly.” Neither claim withstands scrutiny.

Astroturf: $60 Per Square Yard

Video: Occupy CPAC Protesters Unsure What They're Protesting

The Daily Caller‘s Michelle Fields asked union-funded Occupy CPAC protesters what they were protesting — and some weren’t sure. A few couldn’t even read the signs they were holding.

House Report Slams Catch & Release Detainee Policy

Congressman criticizes Obama’s plans to release Gitmo detainees

The House Armed Services Committee’s investigative branch disclosed in a report yesterday that 27 percent of the 600 detainees who have been released from Gitmo, a U.S. detention center based in Cuba, have returned to their terrorist ways, raising questions about the Obama administration’s decision to potentially release several imprisoned Taliban fighters.

Chris Matthews Criticizes Romney for Not Being ‘One of Us,’ GOP for Saying Same of Obama

Chris Matthews criticized Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney in a Friday appearance on Morning Joe as being out of touch with American values and emotions, saying, “He doesn’t seem to be one of us.” Matthews’ criticism of Romney comes just one day after he expressed outrage, on his own program, at Republicans who have portrayed President Obama in their attacks as an alien, or seemingly foreign figure. “All these attacks have one thing in common,” Matthews said. “They portray the president as the other.”