Petition Urges Russia Be Suspended from UN Human Rights Council

Petition launched following Russian military incursion into Ukraine’s Crimea region
United Nations Headquarters / Flickr

A new petition to the White House urges President Barack Obama to immediately take all necessary steps to suspend Russia from its seat on the United Nations’ Human Rights Council (HRC).

Cuban Activist Arrested Ahead of Human Rights Summit

Home of activist ‘Antúnez’ raided before UN Watch human rights event in Geneva
Cuban prison guards

A prominent Cuban opposition activist has been arrested ahead of a United Nations-related human rights conference he was expected to attend in Geneva, his supporters said Wednesday.

Harm in the Hermit Kingdom

UN Rights Commission: grave violations of human rights in North Korea
North Korean soldiers / AP

North Korea’s communist government is guilty of “grave violations” of fundamental human rights against its people, according to the head of a United Nations special human rights commission.

U.N. Confirms Chemical Arms Were Used Repeatedly in Syria

Ake Sellstrom (L), Head of the United Nations Mission to Investigate Allegations of the Use of Chemical Weapons in the Syrian Arab Republic, hands his report over to Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon at the United Nations headquarters in New York December 12, 2013. Chemical weapons were likely used in five out of seven attacks investigated by U.N. experts in Syria, where a 2-1/2-year civil war has killed over 100,000 people, according to the U.N. report published on Thursday.

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Chemical weapons were likely used in five out of seven attacks investigated by U.N. experts in Syria, where a 2 1/2-year civil war has killed more than 100,000 people, according to the final report of a U.N. inquiry published on Thursday.

U.N. Declares 2014 Year of Palestinian Solidarity

Jewish officials worry about exclusion, uptick in anti-Israel activity
Palestinian National Authority Leader Mahmoud Abbas and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

The United Nations overwhelmingly voted to declare 2014 the “International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People” during an unprecedented vote that human rights observers say was marred by anti-Israel fervor.

Pay Gap Between U.N. Employees, U.S. Counterparts Widening

U.N. salaries nearly 20 percent higher than U.S. civil service
United Nations Headquarters / Flickr

The pay gap between professional United Nations employees and their United States government counterparts has widened considerably in the last decade, according to a recent report.