What’s Racist, What’s Not (As of Friday, Oct. 3, 2014)

(Daniel Lobo, flickr)

Liberals tend to devote a significant portion of their daily lives to proving how not racist they are. One particularly expedient way of doing this is to declare that something a conservative has said or done is totally racist, and then to place oneself in opposition to the thing that was racist: “See, I’m not a racist!”

As result, the List of Things That Are Racist has grown incomprehensibly long. The Free Beacon‘s devotion to public service obligates us to provide this (non-exhaustive by any means) list of what liberals do and do not consider to be racist.

Things That Are Racist

Who Said It: Joe Biden? Or a Racist?

Cliven Bundy (left) and Joe Biden

Check out the following two statements on the subject of illegal immigration. One was said by Vice President Joe Biden, and the other was said by a racist. See if you can tell the difference:

The ‘Othering’ of Ted Cruz


Liberals don’t like Ted Cruz. Many hate him. But why? Is it his conservative politics? That might have something do with it. The most plausible explanation is that liberals fear any politician who dares to be non-white, non-conformist, and non-complacent, and who challenges their 1940s Rooseveltian worldview.

Whenever someone like Ted Cruz come along, liberals cling to their outdated values, and immediately set out to neutralize this threat via a process known as “othering.” According to Yahoo! Answers:

Liberals Have No One But Themselves to Blame for #CancelColbert

Look on your works, ye Liberal, and despair. (flickr)

In case you missed it, outraged liberals are outraged at Stephen Colbert, the failed congressional candidate and comedian who plays a fake conservative on television. Slate’s Dave Weigel has a good synopsis, and this HuffPost Live interview with the Twitter activist who launched the #CancelColbert hashtag movement is both informative and cringeworthy. Do watch it: