From the Department of Sentences That Aren’t True


Over at Politico, Dylan Byers points out that MSNBC is hemorrhaging viewers and ad revenue. Nobody, it seems, is watching MSNBC. But he concludes his post on an odd note:

There are a few powerful brands [at MSNBC] that are worth maintaining — Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Morning Joe — but the rest is in need of a restart.

I mean, I guess they are brands insofar as some very small number of people know who those people/shows are. But to suggest that they’re “powerful” or “worth maintaining” is just short of journalistic malpractice. Let’s go to the numbers!

Kochs Accuse Maddow of Lying

MSNBC host stands by report tying Koch to controversial Florida law
Koch brothers say Rachel Maddow lied about its alleged support of a Florida welfare law requiring drug tests

Representatives of Koch Industries, the company run by libertarian philanthropists Charles and David Koch, on Monday accused MSNBC personality Rachel Maddow of lying about the company and its owners in a segment last week.

Maddow Suffers Lowest Ratings Since Show Debut

MSNBC slumps to fourth place

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow’s May ratings were her worst monthly showing since The Rachel Maddow Show debuted in 2008. The liberal network also suffered double-digit drops overall in primetime viewership (20 percent) and the 25-54 demographic (19 percent) from last May.