Bill Clinton’s Brazilian Adventure

Bill Clinton hangs with Sir Anthony Hopkins in Brazil, 2001. (AP)

Hillary Clinton made multiple unsuccessful attempts to reach Bill Clinton by phone during the former president’s 2009 trip to Brazil, where he was giving the keynote speech at an ethanol summit hosted by the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association. The batch of emails released by the State Department late Tuesday included the following exchange from June 4, 2009. It raises questions, such …

‘Frugal’ Clinton Campaign Pays Hillary’s Rent


It’s hard out there for an ambitious wealth-seeker who, because she values power slightly more than money, has decided to temporarily forgo a lucrative public speaking career in order to run for president (again). Still, there’s no reason why Hillary Clinton, whose campaign says it wants to raise $2.5 billion, shouldn’t be able to direct some of those rich donor dollars her way?

Hillary Clinton’s Hardest Choice (ANALYSIS)

(Matt Agudo/

Hillary Clinton has faced a lot of “hard choices” over the course of her politically themed ascent to extraordinary wealth. And few have been more harrowing than the one she faces now: Where to take her summer vacation?

Bill Clinton Is Totally Clueless About the Clinton Foundation


For someone who is the founder and board member of a global charity organization that bears his name, former President Bill Clinton appears utterly clueless whenever he is asked a question about the Clinton Foundation, which has been the subject of considerable controversy since his wife declared her candidacy for president.