The Case for Joe Biden

Our next president. (AP)

Joe Biden is, by all accounts, seriously considering a presidential run. This is great news—for Democrats, for Republicans, for people who couldn’t care less about politics, and, above all, for America. Biden may be a walking punchline of a politician with a propensity to literally say whatever pops into his head at a given moment, but that doesn’t make the case for his candidacy any less real.

Joe Biden and the Perils of the Late Summer Campaign

Credit: Twitter user @redsteeze

Will Joe Biden run for president? He’s expected to announce his decision later this month, after a family vacation, but the political class is already excited at the prospect. I’d enjoy a third Biden presidential bid—he’s far more watchable than Hillary Clinton—and I doubt I’m alone. He’s a great political actor, a ham. Imagine him winning the nomination and debating Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. The dueling hair would make it a spectacular encounter.

As he deliberates, though, Biden must be worrying about recent history. The last three presidential cycles all had contestants who announced their candidacy in the summer prior to the Iowa caucus. And all three failed. Biden would be in a similar situation.

Clinton Campaign Ad: Hillary’s Greatest Accomplishment as Secretary of State Was Losing to Obama

Loser (left), and winner.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has released its first television ads of the election cycle. The move is somewhat surprising, as most expected Hillary to wait several months before hitting the airwaves. The early ad buy suggest the campaign is worried about Hillary’s public image, which has suffered amid a torrent of scandals. A shockingly high number of voters don’t find her honest or trustworthy. Imagine that.