EXCLUSIVE: How to Back Hillary Clinton into a Corner

Hillary in a corner (artist's rendering)

THE POLITICO MAGAZINE has published an extensive report on the efforts of GOP operatives and “scoop factories” like the Washington Free Beacon to answer the “most pressing question” leading up to 2016 presidential race: How to back Hillary Clinton into a corner.

The Free Beacon’s team on analysts have been working on this project for while, and in light of the THE POLITICO story, we are finally ready to publish our preliminary findings. To back Hillary Clinton into a corner, simply consult the following charts.

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Shouts Down Crowd Attempting to Wish Her Happy Birthday (She Turns 67 Today)


Shortly before Hillary Clinton took the stage Saturday at a campaign event for Kay Hagan, a woman decked out in Hillary swag traversed the crowd informing attendees that the professional public speaker was about to have a birthday. (Clinton turned 67 on Sunday.) The plan was for everyone to sing Happy Birthday after Hagan introduced her guest of honor. It didn’t really work out, however, because Hillary just kept talking, and enough people in the crowd reflexively cheered after every sentence to drown out the singing.

2016 Watch: Rick Perry Draws Larger Crowd than Hillary Clinton in North Carolina

Ready for Rick?

Texas Governor Rick Perry and professional public speaker Hillary Clinton both held rallies in North Carolina over the past two days for their respective party’s Senate candidate in what is shaping up to be a close race that has already attracted its fair share of 2016 contenders.

Embarrassingly for Clinton, she drew a significantly smaller crowd in Charlotte (population 800,000) than Perry was able to attract in Smithfield (population 12,000).

The Clinton Money Train Keeps on Chugging

That was then. He's droppin' stacks now. (AP)

“I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money,” President Obama said in 2010. His potential successor and her philandering husband couldn’t disagree more.

The Clintons can’t stop making money. Hillary recently took home $225,000 for a speech at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas foundation, money she refused to give back after students at the public university protested her exorbitant speaking fee in the face of rising tuition costs.

Bill, meanwhile, just wrapped a six-figure keynote gig at Veritas Capital, a private equity firm. You know, sort of like Bain Capital, which Democrats spent the entire 2012 campaign attacking at as a heartless agent of “vulture capitalism.”

Ellison’s Must Read of the Day

Ellison must read

My must read of the day is “Clinton Library to Release Lewinsky, Whitewater Documents Friday,” in the Wall Street Journal.