Let the Trolling Commence: Liberals Take Shots at Hillary Clinton

Troll so hard.

Many liberals support Hillary Clinton because she’s not a Republican and wouldn’t it be awesome to have our first woman president and stuff. Other liberals have actual beliefs when it comes to politics, and aren’t convinced by Clinton’s campaign rationale: “I recently became a grandmother and I really want to be president.” Now that Hillary is actually running, some of these liberals are starting to troll her, which is kind of amusing to watch.

Hillary Clinton Parks Luxury Van in Handicapped Parking Spot In Desperate Appeal to Youth Voters

Youthful disregard for authority.

Journeyman presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is desperate to portray herself as youthful and attuned to the concerns of “everyday Americans.” These efforts were on full display Thursday when, in an attempt to associate herself with the celebrity heroes of our nation’s youth—and in another slight at differently abled people—Hillary parked her expensive luxury vehicle in a handicapped parking spot.*