Stephanopoulos Awkwardly Sings Along With Sesame Street Characters


ABC host and former Democratic political advisor George Stephanopoulos found himself performing "Sing!" alongside a stage full of Sesame Street Muppets and young children in May and looked extremely uncomfortable doing it, the Huffington Post reports:

The ABC newsman and his wife comedian Ali Wentworth hosted the Sesame Workshop's annual benefit in May. In a video posted Monday, the two are seen closing out the dinner by performing "Sing!" with the Sesame Street Muppets and the P.S. 22 chorus.

Stephanopoulos appeared to be out of his comfort zone, to say the least. He gave a very subdued performance, looking around as if to say, "What is going on?" The "Good Morning America" co-host turned his back on the audience at one point, and stared blankly at Big Bird behind him, again seemingly wondering, "What is going on here?"

Wentworth, on the other hand, really got into it. She mimed the lyrics and waved her hands about with enthusiasm, while sharing smiles with the children in the chorus. Her husband's dull showing did not get her down.

The lyrics of "Sing!" encourage people to sing loud and strong and not worry if it's not good enough or if anyone else will hear. Stephanopoulos failed to heed its powerful message and looked relieved when it was over.

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