Obama Rewards Big Donors with Ambassadorships

'President Obama said he would be different, and so we're pointing out, this really does seem to be more of the same'


Major Obama fundraisers Marc Lasry and Matthew Barzun are likely to be given plum ambassadorships, CNN's Jessica Yellin reported Thursday.

Lasry, the founder of private equity firm Avenue Capital, is likely headed to France. He raised more than $500,000 for Obama's reelection and hosted Wall Street fundraisers for the president. Last summer, Lasry told friends that attendees of one fundraiser would get the chance to ride in the presidential motorcade. Additionally, one of Lasry’s five children worked at the White House.

Barzun is likely headed to the United Kingdom.

The former ambassador to Sweden, he resigned and went on to become the national financial chair of Obama's reelection campaign. He served as a co-chair of the corporately-funded inauguration committee this year. Barzun has raised more than $2 million for President Obama since 2007.