Obama blasts GOP super PACs, as media hammers Obama super PAC


President Obama blasted the amount of money being spent by Republican super PACs Thursday in Pueblo, Colo.

OBAMA: And over the next three months, you will see more negative ads, more money spent than you’ve ever seen in your life. I mean, these super PACs, these guys are writing $10 million checks and giving them to Mr. Romney’s supporters. And basically, they all have just the same argument. They all say the same thing. They say the economy is bad and it’s Obama’s fault.

The Obama-affiliated super PAC, Priorities USA, has encountered intense criticism this week for an ad released Monday, which suggests Mitt Romney may have been responsible for a woman's death from cancer.

Obama campaign officials have repeatedly denied they know the specifics of the man's story, despite his appearance in an Obama campaign advertisement and conference call in May of this year.

Priorities co-founder Bill Burton appeared on CNN Wednesday to defend the ad.

"What fact in that ad is wrong?" Burton asked Wolf Blitzer during the interview.

"The impression that you get that he killed her," Blitzer replied.

Blitzer described the ad as "inaccurate," "irresponsible," and "misleading."

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