New York Voter: Clinton Is ‘Morally Bankrupt’


Dozens of New York voters denounced Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty and involvement in numerous scandals Friday outside a Clinton campaign event in Buffalo, days before the New York primary.

"We need somebody with strong moral fiber, but Hillary Clinton is morally bankrupt," one voter said.

Another voter said that Clinton's role in the Benghazi scandal was fresh on the minds of New Yorkers, and denounced President Barack Obama, under whom Clinton served as secretary of state.

"We remember Benghazi," the voter said through a loudspeaker. "This country is run by a two-headed snake."

Yet another voter condemned Clinton’s foreign policy and said that the former New York senator should be incarcerated. He also echoed rival Bernie Sanders’ claim that Clinton is not qualified to run the country.

"We do not regard her as a qualified person to be president. She belongs in jail. Her foreign policy is ruinous," the voter said.

The group touted a "Hillary for Prison 2016" sign as well as a sign that read "Her Own Husband Doesn’t Want Her Why Should We?".

Ed Reilly, a local Buffalo news anchor, said that the voters denounced Clinton for a range of scandals, from her use of a homebrew email server to her ties to Wall Street.

"Protesting veterans pointed to the Benghazi incident when Clinton was secretary of state. Others pointing to the controversy concerning her emails and mail server, and some upset with the Clinton's connection to big money," Reilly said.

He said that Clinton’s trust problem was the voters’ greatest impetus for protest.

"The big issue for the protestors is trust, who say Clinton has been involved in too many controversies," Reilly said.

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