New sanctions announced on Hezbollah

Bashar Assad / Wikimedia Commons


The Obama administration on Friday announced symbolic sanctions on terrorist group Hezbollah for providing "extensive logistical support" to beleaguered Syrian despot Bashar Assad, the Associated Press reports.

The Obama administration is announcing sanctions on Hezbollah for providing support to Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime.

The move is symbolic. Washington has already designated the Lebanese militant group a terrorist organization.

The Treasury Department condemned Hezbollah's training, advice and "extensive logistical support" to the Assad regime amid a crackdown on dissenters. It said Hezbollah has facilitated training of Syrian forces by Iran's hardline Quds Force.

On Twitter, Reuters added "U.S. State Dept. says U.S. imposes sanctions on Syrian state-run oil company Sytrol for conducting business with Iran's energy sector."