NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Tweets U.S. Entered WWII 100 Years Ago (We Didn’t)

NBC's Andrea Mitchell / Getty Images


MSNBC/NBC News host Andrea Mitchell baffled Twitter late Friday night by tweeting a "fact" about World War II that was thrice incorrect.

Mitchell was responding to an NBC News tweet on the origins of the French holiday Bastille Day when she decided to share a historical tidbit of her own. Mitchell wrote that it was the "100th anniversary of US entering WWII."

The U.S. entry into World War II was actually in December of 1941, after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. That would make it slightly over 75 years ago.

It's possible Mitchell meant to say it was the anniversary of the U.S. entry into World War I, which was indeed a hundred years ago in 1917. But the U.S. entered the war when they declared war on Germany in April; the actual anniversary was months ago.

Mitchell was roundly mocked for somehow managing to get the wrong day, month, and year.

Alex Griswold

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