MSNBC Panel: Clinton’s Attempt to Distract Voters by Using Gender Isn’t Working


Hillary Clinton is using her gender to distract voters and, as demonstrated by her loss in New Hampshire, it is not working, MSNBC’s Morning Joe panel said Wednesday.

"You can't say ‘I'm a woman, look at the bird!’" said co-host Mika Brzezinski. "You have to talk about what the issues are. You have to talk about what your message is."

Brzezinski said that Clinton's diversion strategy is not working.

"The bottom line is, New Hampshire proved that her message is inconsistent and non-existent," Brzezinski said.

She said that Clinton has so many scandals weighing on her that she cannot afford to keep distracting from them.

"First of all, she's got this FBI investigation hanging over her. She's got the email thing hanging over her," Brzezinski said. "And then she's got these Wall Street speeches hanging over her. I hear they may come out. If they do come out, what's in them?"

Co-host Joe Scarborough said that Clinton also has a "sense of entitlement" that she "owns younger women’s votes" because they share a gender.

"Hillary Clinton is running around thinking that she can just say, ‘I'm a woman, vote for me, I'm a woman’ and younger women are going to come flocking to her," Scarborough said.

However, Clinton’s use of gender is not working, he said, as exhibited by her poor showing in New Hampshire.

"Young women … have been saying, ‘You know what?’ ‘Thanks a lot, but we got this.’" Scarborough said. "And, my gosh, last night we saw it in living color."

Clinton lost nearly every demographic in New Hampshire, including women. She did, however, win voters over the age of 65.

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