Mark Halperin on Midterms: Hillary a ‘Loser’


Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin declared Tuesday’s midterm elections a loss for Hillary Clinton as she prepares to announce her candidacy for president in 2016.

The Democrat’s election debacle disrupted Clinton’s campaign plan and added a new level of complexity to her camp's operation.

"The party is now in disarray," Halperin said. "Hillary Clinton and her team are so cautious–they overthink, overanalyze everything–this gives them a lot of new complexity to deal with."

Complexity is especially important, because when talking the Clinton campaign, Halperin said, "this operation does not deal well with complexity."

Clinton’s managers now have serious decisions to make. Does she distance herself from Obama? Will she be a candidate of "compromise"? Will her agenda match that of the shaken Democratic Party?

Halperin said he believes such questions do not bode well for Clinton.

"I just think whatever plan they had, about how to proceed after the midterms in terms of potential announcement–considering even whether to run, it's all thrown up in the air because no one expected the result they got."