Lee: Paul Could Break Filibuster Record


Sen. Mike Lee (R., Utah) told Greta Van Susteren Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) could break the U.S. Senate filibuster record Wednesday on "On the Record:"

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: Just to clarify, if he sits down in the U.S. Senate this is over?

MIKE LEE: That's right, he can't sit down, not even for a moment. He can't leave the floor, not even to use the restroom, not even for a moment.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: How long do you think he can last?

MIKE LEE: Rand is a fighter, you know, who knows? The record for an individual filibuster in the the United States Senate is 24 hours and 18 minutes. And I wouldn't put it past Rand Paul to be able to break that.

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