The Leader of the Democratic Party Doesn’t Like Democrats Very Much


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) continues to frequently insult the Democratic Party despite being named chair of the Senate Democratic Outreach Committee in November.

Sanders has been declared a leader of the Democrats as the party has tried to come back from a bruising 2016 election cycle, but he has not even been willing to call himself a member of the party.

The Vermont senator said at the liberal "People's Summit" conference on June 10 that "the Democratic Party must finally understand what side it is on."

That day he echoed these sentiments on his official Twitter page.

These and other comments disparaging Democrats come after Sanders went across the country on a boo-filled unity tour with Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D., Minn.) was Sanders' first choice for the leadership position.

Over the last several months Sanders has repeatedly said "Trump didn't win the election, the Democratic Party lost the election."

He has stated "it is time for the Democratic Party to reassess what it stands for and where it wants to go," and "the soul of the Democratic Party was lost."

When civil rights activist Al Sharpton asked Sanders about his party affiliation, he dodged, saying he was elected as an Independent and would finish his term as one.

Later, MSNBC host Chris Hayes asked Sanders in a joint interview with Perez if he was a Democrat.

Sanders flatly responded, "No, I am an independent."

Conor Beck

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Conor Beck is a Media Analyst for the WFB. He's previously written for The College Fix, Life News, and was a Student Free Press Association Fellow for The Weekly Standard. He graduated from Rice University in 2017.

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