Krauthammer: Clinton Is ‘Eminently Defeatable’ in 2016

'Can somebody name one achievement she had in the four years [as Secretary of State]?'


FNC contributor Charles Krauthammer said as a conservative he welcomes Hillary Clinton's potential run for the presidency in 2016 Tuesday on "Special Report."

Krauthammer blasted her record as secretary of state, rhetorically asking for someone to "name one achievement" she had during her four years in the office:

SHANNON BREAM: […] It is officially on gentlemen. Charles, Hillary Clinto, there's a lot swirling around her now, but will it all be ancient history by 2016?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: No, I think if she wants the nomination, it will be handed to her. Obviously the party is swooning and believing that she is inevitable. Well, you know, she was inevitable in 2008 as well. It didn't exactly work out. She has a reputation of somebody who has had a sterling career. I thought as a senator she was rather good. But people speak about her as a "superb" secretary of state. You remember that little tat tat tat that she had with Obama on television at her retirement, you know "one of the great secretaries of state." Can somebody named one achievement she had in the four years? Just one, I'm not asking for three. I'm not asking for Henry Kissinger, I'm not asking for George Schultz, James Baker, you know, a great treaty. No, just give me one thing. So I'm not sure I understand any of this. But if she runs, I think as a conservative, I'd welcome that, I think she is eminently defeatable.

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