Hannity and Ellison Throw Down

After six minutes of nearly nonstop interrupting, Hannity declares Minnesota Dem 'total waste of time'


Fox News host Sean Hannity had a hard time getting a word in edgewise Tuesday night while interviewing Rep. Keith Ellison (D., Minn.), with Ellison constantly interrupting to disparage Hannity during a hostile exchange that was supposed to be about sequester negotiations.

At one point, this occurred:

HANNITY: I've given you plenty of time to rant, Congressman.

ELLISON: Ok, we'll let you get a word in. Go ahead.

HANNITY: Oh, you're so nice to give me a word on my own program.

ELLISON: Ok, I've changed my mind.

When Ellison refused to let Hannity get through a question, Hannity finally called Ellison a "broken record," leading the Democrat to respond, "You're a broken record."

Ellison decried Hannity's abilities as a journalist and called him "nothing but a Republican," to which Hannity replied that he is not a Republican but is a registered conservative. Ellison took major exception to President Obama being responsible for the sequester and the montage that played to indicate that before their interview, as well as Obama receiving any blame for the $6 trillion added to the deficit since he took office.

Hannity told Ellison he found his ranting comical and tried to insist the two have a "dialogue" in the spirit of bipartisanship, but Ellison's nearly nonstop interrupting made that difficult.

The shouting match continued until Hannity declared Ellison a "total waste of time" and ended the interview.

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